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Monte Xanic: 
Located near the town of Zarco, 25 miles
 northeast of Ensenada, this winery is less
 than two decades old, but has quickly 
gained a reputation as one of Mexico's 
finest and is credited with putting the country's wine on the map. 
The winery produces three lines: Monte Xanic, Calixa and the Gran Ricardo, which has a limited production of 1,500 bottles and is only bottled in Magnums. 
The winery has received many awards, among them a bronze medal at the 2000 Challenge International du Vin in Blaye-Bourg, France for the 1998 Monte Xanic Chardonnay. The 1995 Monte Xanic Cabernet Sauvignon received a Gold Medal and the Civart Prix d'Excellence in the 1998 challenge. 
For more information, call (011-52-555) 545-1111 or visit

Casa de Piedra: 
This discreet vineyard, located at Km 93.5 in
 the valley of San Antonio de Las Minas, is 
considered by some as Mexico's most 
innovative and ground-breaking winery. 
Its red Vino de Piedra and white Piedra de 
Sol are considered among the best wines in 
Mexico. They are exclusive, expensive and hard to find, but many who have tried them say it's worth it. For more information, call (011-52-646) 155-3097 or visit
L.A. Cetto:
The L.A. Cetto winery also offers daily tours at its impressive facility in downtown Tijuana in addition to tours at its Guadalupe Valley vineyards.
For more information, call (011-52-615) 5-22-64 or visit

Casa Madero
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